Aren’t you tired of yuri with cis oversexualized lesbians? Because tbh I really am. That’s why I decied to make a mini-masterpost of all the yuri with trans girls I know of! (Thank you to everyone who told me about some of these!)

Also let’s not speak of Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl because I don’t really think that’s not very good trans representation tbh

Cotton Candy Love: A oneshot about a woman named Kiyoka who used to be in a relationship with another woman named Rika.She defends a young trans girl, Chiaki, when she was being bullied.

Contains: #bullying #transmisogyny #misgendering 

Ayumi and Aika:  A twoshot about a transwoman named Aika coming out to her girlfriend Ayumi, and how she accepts her as who she is.

Contains: #transmisogyny #misgendering 
Just another warning, it also says things like “gender identity disorder”, which implies being trans is a medical disorder, so that bit might be bothersome.

Double House: A series about Maho, a trans woman who has just moved in town and works at a bar, saves a woman  named Fujiko, who was from a rich family and decided to live on her own, she finds out they both live in the same apartment and, and it shows how their relationship grows.

Contains: #transmisogyny #slurs #transphobic slurs #transmisogynistic slurs #suicide implied #death mention #drugs #alcohol #sexism #kidnapping 

Bonus Stuff:
Hourou Musuko (Anime / Manga) : Not really yuri but the protagonist is a trans girl! I dont had a summary or trigger warnings for this one becuase I haven’t watched/read it yet, but I do know it contains #transphobia and #misgendering

Lonely Wolf, Lonely SheepBoth girls are cis in this 4 chapter manga, but they aren’t oversexualized, and the whole thing is really cute. Its about 2 girls both named Kakimoto Imari, and even though they both have the same name and same birth month and year, they both live very different lifestyles. The story goes on about how they both help each other in their troubles from the present and past. 
Contains: #abuse #abusive relationships #self harm

I love Mizutani Fuka’s work, and you should check out other yuri by them, such as the anthology Like a Cinderella

If you know any more, please feel free to add to the list!


(Contains both Animated Series, Comics and Extras; To be updated as needed)
Book 1 - Water: The Boy in the IcebergThe Avatar ReturnsThe Southern Air TempleThe Warriors of KyoshiThe King of Omashu ImprisionedWinter Solstice Part 1 - The Spirit World ⋅ Winter Solstice Part 2 - Avatar RokuThe Waterbending ScrollJetThe Great DivideThe StormThe Blue Spirit The FortunetellerBato of the Water TribeThe Deserter The Northern Air TempleThe Waterbending MasterThe Siege of the North - Part 1The Siege of the North - Part 2

Book 2 - Earth: The Avatar StateThe Cave of Two LoversReturn to Omashu The SwampAvatar Day The Blind BanditZuko AloneThe ChaseBitter WorkThe Library The DesertJourney to Ba Sing Se, Part 1 - The Serpent’s PassJourney to Ba Sing Se, Part 2 - The DrillCity of Walls and SecretsThe Tales of Ba Sing Se Appa’s Lost DaysLake Laogai The Earth King The Guru The Crossroads of Destiny

Book 3 - Fire: The AwakeningThe HeadbandThe Painted Lady Sokka’s MasterThe BeachThe Avatar and the FirelordThe RunawayThe PuppetmasterNightmares and DaydreamsThe Day of Black Sun Part 1 - The InvasionThe Day of Black Sun Part 2 - The EclipseThe Western Air Temple The Firebending MastersThe Boiling Rock, Part 1The Boiling Rock, Part 2The Southern RaidersThe Ember Island Players Sozin’s Comet, Part 1 - The Phoenix KingSozin’s Comet, Part 2 - The Old MastersSozin’s Comet, Part 3 - Into the InfernoSozin’s Comet, Part 4 - Avatar Aang

Extras: Un-Aired PilotChibi Short - Swamp Skiin’ ThrowdownChibi Short - School Time Shipping Chibi Short - Bending Battle Animated Graphic Novel - Escape from the Spirit World 40.5

Comics: (Read these after watching the first series; You will also need to download ComicRack in order to read them) The Promise (Issues 1-3)The Search (Issues 1-3)
Republic City Hustle Shorts: Episode 1 ⋅ Episode 2 ⋅ Episode 3

The Legend of Korra: Book 1 - Air: Welcome to Republic City + A Leaf in the WindThe RevelationThe Voice in the NightThe Spirit of CompetitionAnd the Winner Is…The AftermathWhen Extremes MeetOut of the PastTurning the TidesSkeletons in the ClosetEndgame 

The Legend of Korra: Book 2 - Spirits: Rebel Spirit 
⋅ The Southern Lights Civil Wars Pt. 1 Civil Wars Pt. 2  ⋅ Peacekeepers ⋅ The Sting Beginnings Pt. 1 ⋅ Beginnings Pt. 2The Guide A New Spiritual Age Night of a Thousand Stars Harmonic Convergence Darkness Falls Light in the Dark
Everything is up to date, in 720p, and logoless. I will update the post as new episodes of The Legend of Korra air. I’ve also included download links to all of the comics that have been released. I will also update them as soon as the new issues are scanalated. Enjoy!


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure arcs 1 through 7 in glorious colour! Hat tip to Xantos.

[Phantom Blood]

[Battle Tendency]

[Stardust Crusader]

[Diamond is Unbreakable]

[Vento Aureo (aka Golden Wind)]

[Stone Ocean]

[Steel Ball Run]

becoming an adult cheat sheet!!!



A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Masterpost/Guide?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a very intimidating series. It has over 8 parts and its still ongoing. The series is a big thing in Japan, the manga is referenced in many famous anime and manga featuring the various poses and phrases said and done in the series. It also has a following in the west and you’ve probably seen lots of it on tumblr here. I’ve compiled a mastepost/guide for getting into the JoJo series!



JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012(Covers parts 1-2)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Ongoing as of 2014)

There are also three super old adaptions and they’re from the 90’s and 2000. You don’t need to watch them because the anime linked above is basically the same thing done in better animation and follows the manga. The Stardust Crusaders adaption doesn’t follow the manga, but it is fun to watch. I’ll link them just in case you want a laugh. There is also a Phantom Blood movie from 2007 but it isn’t anywhere on the internet. It’s basically a forgotten relic I guess.

Stardust Crusaders OVA


JoJo became known in the west after it’s games got localized. Here is the link to information on the games. The Playstation store has some of them that you can buy so you can search them and play them if you like!

List of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Video Games

JoJo also has a lot of spin offs and Novels and merch and basically a lot of thins so I’ll link the wiki pages to all of them bellow!

Spin offs




If I am missing anything please shoot me an ask and I’ll add it in right away!


anime scenery masterpost! there’s a lot of them so i put in links to the full HD images. 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

*note: if you set these as your tumblr background and get an error, you may have to reduce the size of the picture since tumblr only supports certain file sizes.

Hi I was wondering if you could make a masterlist of all the DL mangas? The ones you've made so far were really helpful :)


Heh. I actually just made a post with  this  massive  master  list of everything, but if you want  strictly  manga. Here ya go~


HDB Anthology:


Master List








More Blood Anthology:




The Anime Club (finished)
A group of gross teenage boys form an anime club and have to stick together through their bickering as well as the oppression of the masses.

Boxer Hockey (abandoned)
Follows the members of a sport where you strip down to your underwear and hit frogs into soccer nets with bats.

Gunshow (in progress)
Usually single-page comics, but there are a couple longer pieces like Anime Club and Graveyard Quest that are just as good.

Homestuck (in progress, but in its last hiatus before it ends)
Four internet friends play a video game. The longest piece of English literature ever if I remember right.

Jerkcity (in progress)

Johnny Wander (in progress)
Was mostly a slice of life type deal for a really long time, but the past while they’ve been focusing on a romance story called Lucky Penny. It’s pretty cute!

Lackadaisy (in progress)
Absolutely stunning comic about family and cats and moonshine.

The Meek (abandoned)
Super rad comic with loads of cultural worldbuilding that follows three stories at once and ends right when you’re getting really into it!

Nedroid Picture Diary (in progress)
Beartato and Reginald go on wacky adventures.
Sometimes Harrison is invited, but usually not.

Oh Joy, Sex Toy (in progress)
A cool married couple get sent really odd, really expensive sex toys and review them in comic format. They also have loads of guests who talk about safe sex, porn, and various subcultures. 

Olympus Overdrive (in progress)
People ironically filling out pop-up surveys are chained to junked-up baby versions of deities and forced to play a game that determines which one reins in the immortal realm.The protagonist is hitched up to a tiny fluffy purple Hades.

Paranatural (in progress)
A young spectral moves into a new town and joins the Paranormal Activity Club. He hits spirits with a baseball bat and makes friends.

Rachel & Penny (in progress)
About a teen rockstar and her manager except sometimes there are dream sequences where they’re pirates and gay.

Ruby Quest (complete)
A rabbit and a tomcat are stuck somewhere. Gory as hell.

Sakana (in progress)
An awkward fish market employee falls in love.

A Softer World (in progress)
Ever wonder where all those three-panel hipster bullshit comics are coming from? Welp,

Spiddrelli (in progress)
The goings-on at an otherworldly asylum where doctors dive into dreams to sort shit out. Takes the one-panel flash style of Homestuck and makes it even cooler.

sweet bro and hella jeff (in progress)
This is the only one here that actually matters.

Three Word Phrase (in progress)
Just a series of little doofy one-shot strips. 

Thunderpaw (hiatus?)
A couple of dogs try to find their way home in (what looks to be?) the end of the world. Partially animated and really rad at pushing what a comic is.

What Were You, Raised by Wolves? (complete)
Oneshot about a feral child growing up.



Manga: Click here to read

Anime (Subbed): Sailor Moon (1-46): Click here to download ⋅ Sailor Moon R (47-89): Click here to download ⋅ Sailor Moon S (90-127): Click here to download ⋅ Sailor Moon SuperS (128-166): Click here to download ⋅ Sailor Stars (167-200): Click here to download

Anime (Dubbed): Click here to watch

Movies (Subbed): Click here to download (In order to get these, you will need to download each part, i.e. .001, .002, .003, and join them using HJSplit. A video tutorial on how to use HJSplit can be found here and you can download HJSplit here.)

All of the episodes are subbed and available in the highest quality available. I’ve also provided links to the manga, the horrible dubbed version of the anime, and all three movies. Enjoy!




If you are, perfect, great, yes please continue. If not, here are some options:

youtube - seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, seasons 1-2, seasons 3-11

cartoon world

and check your local listings for show times. or just watch kid’s shows all day everyday for a few weeks to determine if/when it comes on since that would probably be really fun.


Where to watch old/obscure MG anime


Today I noticed that Tezuka Productions’ Youtube channel has uploaded a bunch of his anime adaptations, complete with English subtitles (just turn on the closed captioning), including the first half of Marvelous Melmo!

This discovery inspired me to make this list of old/obscure/unlicensed/licensed-by-goddamn-4kids magical girl anime episodes that are currently (illegally) available on Youtube. So go get ‘em while they’re hot, before the copyright police zap them.


Creamy Mami, English sub, eps 1-40

Esper Mami, Italian dub, ep 1

Genmu Senki Leda, English sub, FULL OVA

Hana no ko Lunlun aka Flower Child Angel Lunlun, English dub, eps 1-2

Magical Emi, English sub, ep 1-10

Mahou no Mako-chan, English sub, eps 1-7

Minky Momo TOS, English sub, Fountain of Love OVA and eps 1-8, 36 and raw, eps 9-35

Nanako SOS, French dub, eps 1-4 and Italian dub, FULL SERIES

Pastel Yumi, English sub, ep 1 and raw, eps 2-25

Persia, English sub, ep 1-7 and raw, 8-48

Sally the Witch, English sub, ep 1-6, 42


Cardcaptor Sakura, English sub, eps 27-46

Corrector Yui, Spanish dub, FULL SERIES

Fancy Lala, English dub, FULL SERIES

Fushigi Mahou Fan Fan Pharmacy, raw, eps 1-5

Hime-chan no Ribbon, English sub, ep 1-12

KKJ, English sub, eps 1-19 and eps 5-43

Makeruna Makendo, English sub, FULL OVA

Mary Bell, English sub, FULL SERIES

Miracle Girls, English sub, eps 41-51

Super Doll Licca-chan, English sub, eps 1-5 and raw, FULL SERIES

Sweet Mint, English sub, ep 1-5 and raw, ep 6-47

Tonde Buurin, English dub, eps 1-2, 5


Ask Dr. Rin, English sub, eps 2-3, 7, 12-16, 9-11 and Chinese sub, eps 1, 4-6, 8-10

Majokko Tsukune-chan, English sub, FULL SERIES

Mermaid Melody S1, English subs, FULL SERIES and S2, English subs, eps 1-15, 19

Princess Comet, English sub, eps 1-13

Sweet Valerian, English sub, ep 6 and 24

Tokyo Mew Mew, English sub, FULL  SERIES and FULL SERIES (again)



Since the Grammys there’s been a sudden spike of activity within the Daft Punk fandom and a whole bunch of new fans interested in the work of this phenomenal duo! Which is really really cool!!!! But being a new fan can be kinda confusing, especially if you’re a new fan of a couple of artists who have not only been around for about 20 years, but are constantly switching things up as they go. So, that in mind, I decided to put together a big masterpost of all the stuff you should check out as a new Daft Punk fan! Enjoy~!

So Why The Robot Helmets?

          △ Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel  de Homem-Christo were human through the release of their first album, up until 1999. As the story goes, in Thomas’s words:  We did not choose to become robots. There was an accident in our studio. We were working on our sampler, and at exactly 9:09 am on September 9, 1999, it exploded. When we regained consciousness, we discovered that we had become robots.” And that’s been the shtick ever since.


          Homework - Daft Punk’s first album, arguably the most influential
Alive 1997 - A live (ahaha) album, consisting of remixes from Homework
Discovery - The second studio album and DP’s first album as robots, it’s really pop and fun~
Daft Club - A remix album (I highly recommend giving “Aerodynamite” a listen)
Human After All - The third studio album, it’s a little more “rock” than the others, but some of my personal favorites come from this album
Human After All: Remixes - Pretty self explanatory, a remix album. 
Musique. Vol 1 - A compilation album.
          Alive 2007 - Another live album, it’s really great trust me
Tron: Legacy OST - Daft Punk scored the soundtrack for Tron:Legacy (and did a fantastic job)
Tron: Legacy Reconfigured - Another remix album
Random Access Memories - The album you’ve probably been hearing about for days! Daft Punk’s fourth and most recent studio album.


          △ D.A.F.T. A Story About Dogs, Androids, Firemen, and Tomatoes - Less a film with a plot and more a series of music videos from the album Homework broken up by some really neat behind the scenes clips (in other words, don’t worry if none of it fits together like an average movie- it isn’t supposed to).
          Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem - An approx. hour long anime film set to the album Discovery, and collaboration with Leiji Matsumoto
          Electroma - A dialogueless film that started out as a music video for the track Human After All and evolved into a full length film (fun fact: Thomas and Guy-Man don’t play their robot alter egos in this film, they chose instead to focus on their work behind the camera and hire actors).

Music Videos:

          Da Funk - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
          △ Around the World - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Burnin - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Revolution 909 - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Fresh - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Prime Time of Your Life - Eating Disorder/Suicide/Gore content warning!!! A great video, but I wouldn’t want you to go into something so heavy without being aware of it first.
          △ Robot Rock - Those super flashy shines certainly go back before RAM c;
          △ Technologic - A really fascinating video (if a bit unnerving)
          △ Derezzed - Very, very Tron
          △ Instant Crush - A gr8 video for a gr8 song
          △ Lose Yourself to Dance - There’s those shines and sparkles again c;


          △ Part One and Part Two of my personal favorite Discovery era interviews
          △ Swedish interview, though all the important parts are in English
          △ More an interview with Leiji Matsumoto than Daft Punk, but they are in it and it talks extensively about Interstella
          △ Discovery radio interview
          △ Another Discovery centric radio interview
          △ Interview with Peter Tong
          △ NPR Music interview
          △ TripleJ radio interview
          △ Zane Lowe interview
          △ BPM radio Interview
          △ Xfm radio interview
          △ Lauren Laverne interview
   (Of course this isn’t all of their interviews, but it’s a good place to start!)

Other Stuff:

          △ Vogue Diaries - A cute clip of Thomas and Guy-Man along with Karlie Kloss
          △ Music Sounds Better With You - The one song from Thomas Bangalter’s side project, Stardust
          △ A Collaborative History With Daft Punk - A pretty rad article on, you guessed it, Daft Punk’s collaborations.
          △ Daft Punk: behind the Helmets - a clip on the design process and influences for those iconic helmets (really really cool!!)
The Daft Club - A really rad fan site, great for news updates, info, etc.
          △ 2008 Grammys
          △ 2014 Grammys- just in case you missed it c;
          △ Gap Commercial - exactly what it sounds like
          △ Toonami ads

(I’m sure there’s something I forgot, so feel free to add things as you see fit uwu)

Let me tell you friends, Alive 2007 is like heaven in your ears.


*`~`*Junji Ito - Horror Manga - Masterpost*`~`*

Full Length Stories:

(Multiple volumes, chapters, etc.)

Short Stories:

*these are all scanned and online

**i might have missed some so if you wanna add somethin tell me or add it yourself ( ´‿ゝ`)

EDIT: If you want to read all of the horror collections in order, they are listed here by volume


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann MASTERPOST

Click to watch. To download (which has a subtle quality improvement),click the download arrow in the upper-left corner, then click “Download anyway”.


Episode 1 - Bust Through the Heavens with Your Drill!

Episode 2 - I Said I’m Gonna Pilot That Thing!!

Episode 3 - Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!?

Episode 4 - Having Lots of Faces Doesn’t Make You Great!

Episode 5 - I Don’t Get It, Not One Bit!”

Episode 6 - Sit in the Hot Tub ‘Till You’re Sick!!

Episode 6  (Director’s Cut/Uncut) - There are Some Things I Just Have to See!! (Slightly lower quality than the other version, 6 extra minutes of more fanservice-y content instead of flashbacks.)

Episode 7 - You’re Gonna Do It!!

Episode 8 - Later, Buddy

Episode  9 - What, Exactly, Is a Human?

Episode 10 - Who Is This Bro?

Episode 11 - Simon, Hands Off

Episode 12 - Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor?

Episode 13 - Eat Up, Everyone!

Episode 14 - Well Met, Everyone

Episode 15 - I Will Head Towards Tomorrow

Episode 16 - Compilation Episode

Episode 17 - You Don’t Know Anything!

Episode 18 - Tell Me the Secrets of This World.

Episode 19 - We Will Survive by Any Means Necessary

Episode 20 - How Far Will God Test Us?

Episode 21 - You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive

Episode 22 - This is My Final Duty

Episode 23 - Let’s Go, This is the Final Battle

Episode 24 - I’ll Never Forget This Minute, This Second

Episode 25 - I Accept Your Last Wish!

Episode 26 - Let’s Go, Buddy

Episode 27 - The Lights in the Sky Are Stars


In conjunction with the release of the movie, Gainax has released series of music videos entitled Gurren Lagann Parallel Works which contains alternative stories of Gurren Lagann set to songs from the original soundtrack.

Parallel Works 1 - Rap is a Man’s Soul! We Surpass the Impossible, and Kick Reason to the Curb! Open Your Ears Wide and Listen to Team Dai-Gurren’s Theme!

Parallel Works 2 - BafBaf! Being Fired Up Like This… Don’t You Like It?

Parallel Works 3 - Boin vs Boin

Parallel Works 4 - Burst Through The Heavens With Your XXX!

Parallel Works 5 - Rap is a Man’s Soul! Open Your Ears Wide and Listen to the Great Kamina’s Theme, the Man Who Believes in Himself and Surges at Heaven!

Parallel Works 6 - To Hell WIth Combining!

Parallel Works 7  - ‘Libera Me’ from Hell

Parallel Works 8 - All You Bastards, Get Fired Up!

Parallel Works 9 - Kittan Zero

Parallel Works 10 -  The Sense of Wonder

Parallel Works 11 - My XXX is the Best in the Universe

Parallel Works 12 - Goodbye Dai-Gurren

Parallel Works 13 - Big Building

Parallel Works 14 - Kiyal’s Magical Time, Three Minutes Before

Parallel Works 15 - Gunmen Symphonia

Parallel Works 15 - Gunmen Symphonia (Clean)


There are two Compilation Movies (with new scenes to help tie things together and provide movie-original climaxes). Sadly, the files are too big to make a preview, you’ll have to download them!

Gurren-hen: Childhood’s End

Lagann-hen: The Lights in the Sky are Stars


Fan Webcomic. DOUBLE K (Buddy Cop Show AU, and it is glorious.) 


Yoko - ★ S.t.a.r.S ★


(these are really of personal taste, while I know not everyone likes AMVs, I just hope someone can enjoy these as well)

Welcome To The Black Parade - Remastered

Written in the Spirals

Spin On

300 / The Dark Knight / Iron Man / Clash of the Titans



Sorry for the really long post, I wanted to make sure I could get as much as I could in there. I saw these lovely posts and saw they all used to the same sites I do. So I combined theres, with some of mine that I love to use. I also added food, in here because I know I’m lazy so I thought you guys might appreciate it.

Converting websites:

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Food in under 10 minutes:

Helpful for school (lots of writing tips):

Helpful websites:

How To: 

Life Tips:





Tumblr help:

When you are bored:

When you are sad: 


Hope these help you guys through out the year. Have a great year. :)